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Today in Ferrol

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The historical heritage of Ferrol has a great value because of the urban plannings of the city it stands out the utopian port city of the Ilustration that shows a contrast between the neighboorhood of "Ferrol Vello", typical of the Middle Ages, and the neighborrhood of "A Magdalena" built with a rectangular shape and two symetrical squades which was declades of Cultural Interest. This urban combined can be considered as one the best examples of XVIII century ideal city.

The general design of the arsenal has its origins in the XVIII century. There are two differents parts in the arsenal ('park') and the other is used for support ('dikes') where stands out the bell dyke, one of the biggest dykes in the world with 145 metres lenght and 12 metres of lowered. The Arsenal has been declared of cultural interest.

The Jofre theatre inaugurated in 1892 is one the most important examples of XIX th century theatrical architecture.Its inside, with a beatiful scenery and great acoustics, is a witness of the important cultural moment of the city..

In Ferrol there are several public services belonging to the Enlightenment. Amont then you can find an old boulevard ( "cantones") with an important botanical garden and special vegetable species. It is also worthy to mention several public fountains as San Roque (1784), Fama (1786) or the shaft of Churruca,.

The most important churches of the XVIII century are San Julian, San Francisco, Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, Nuestra Señora del Socorro and Nuestra Señora de las Angustias.

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