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Today in Ferrol

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Ferrol has a great amount of natural spaces that make the area an ideal place to enjoy the nature and the special landscapes of the northern Galicia.In addition to the beaches, both the creek beaches ad the open sea ones, there are beatiful lagoons, forests and marvellous cliffs that you will never forget.
The city points up for its wide coast, that allows you to enjoy the sea.You will never be able to discover small and peaceful beaches and also big sandbanks where the Atlantic ocean hits with all its power.

The lagoon of Doniños is located in a deep valley next to the beach of the same name. Between them there is a big sandy ground. In some parts the lagoon reaches a meters of depth. And there you can find a lot of birds as fochas, small zampullines, common cercetas or great ducks.
The lagoon of A Frouxeira, located in front of the coastal valley of Aviño´s river, has about 1600 meters and 500 meters wide.

Belelle`s river shapes a deep valley in the middle of its course that shows leafy and lovely landscapes. The great waterfall points up, its natural height of 45 meters.
The forest of Eume´s river is one of the iberian forest jewels and constitutes the most important surviving example of native forest in Galicia."Fragas do Eume" is a natural park with 9125 hectares of surface.And is considered one of the best European Atlantic Forest. It is full of important species of a important species of a great peculiarity that have endowed it with an international botanical fame. The oaks dominate the greater part of the forest that is the reason why it is called "fragas". They have survived the human control from the Neolithic. This forest is a living proof of the landscape which covered the whole surface of Galicia thousands of years ago. It is also considered of a great value by the scientist field because of the strange or threatned species that can be found out there.

It is located in the mountain range of A Capelada close to San Andrés de Teixido, 613 meters high from the sea level and it has a slope of a 80%. A Capelada oomes from the hut of Herbeira to the Atlantic Ocean in a succession of cliffs opend up to the deep swell. It is very often to see wild horses near the highway that crosses the mountain range.

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