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Today in Ferrol

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The holy week of Ferrol is a festival with national tourist interest from 1996. During this week about three thousand people parade through the streets of the historical neighbourhood of A Magdalena.

At the beginning of July and with an internatinal tourist interest, this festival joins thousands of people in Ortigueira. It is the one of most important Folk music Festival in Europe.

It is considered the second sanctuary of Galicia behind Santiago de Compostela with a National Tourist Interest Festival that place the 8 of september.

San Xiao takes place the 7 of January in the honor of Ferrol´s patron saint. The ceremonies included a free tasting of rice pudding, typical course of Ferrol.
Pepitas Night. A musical tradition from 1903 .
Chamorro Festival:On Monday from holy week is celebrated the festival with more tradition in the region.
Amboage Festival, known as the summer holidays in the month of August.
Narón: Celtic Oenach: It is a recreation of the oenach Celtic, who were the markets that employ the Celtic tribes in the Iron Age.Narón Day: 23 of november and summer festivalin July
Neda: The 16 of June celebrates Nuestra Señora del Carmen Festival and the 8 ofe September the Santa María Festival.The Río Festival the 30 and 31 of July.
Fene: Caminante Festival: In Barallobre the first sanday of july. Pote Festival the last week of august in Maniños and Fiesta del Caballo, that celebrates in Magalofes in august.
Ares: Mar Festival, in august and Corpus Festival.
Mugardos: Carmen festival and octopus festival 14,15 and 16 of July and tuesday of Pentecostés celebrates Virgen de Chanteiro festival.
Cedeira: Carmen festival, the 15 of august. " Curro da Capelada": This popular festival, also called "Rapa das Bestas," held on the last Sunday of June. Festival of the Barnacles: celebrates last days of July.
Moeche: Irmandiño Festival, The third Saturday in August in which it was intended to commemorate as a public holiday the Irmandiño movement. "Feira do cabalo", celebrates the 23 of April.
San Sadurniño: Santa Isabel Festival the 2 of july.
As Somozas: Santiago Festival 25 and 26 de July.
Valdoviño: Asunción Festival celebrate in Meirás, the days 14, 15 and 16 of August, San Mamede festivals: 14-18 August and Porto festival the 11 of july

Ortigueira: Santa Marta festival in july.
Cariño: Carmen festivals: 15 and 16 de july
Cerdido: Festivals of San Antonio de A Barqueira (13 of june) y San Martiño de Cerdido (1 of july).
Mañón: Carmen festival, the 16 of July.

Cabanas: San Andrés festival the 30 of november en Cabanas San Martiño do Porto,the days 11 and 12 de november.
Capela: San Xoan de Caaveiro festival, celebrates the 24 oj june, Cabalar festival, the 15 of august and "Rapa das Bestas" is a festival which marks the horses living free in her Mount. Celebrate in mount of O Forgoselo.
Monfero: San Pedro Fix festival, the 1 of august, San Gabriel festival, the 27 of February.
Pontedeume: Las Peras festival, celebrate the days 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 de September. Breamo festival the 8 of May and 29 de September and Carmen festival: 15 and 16 of July
As Pontes: A Fraga festival, the 25 of July. Grelo festival in february.
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