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Ctra.. de Catabois, 401
   Coordenadas GPS:   lat N 43.492072 / long O 8.231776
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Located 1 km. the center of Ferrol in O Parrulo can enjoy the authentic Galician cuisine. Without the minimum necessary to refuse to innovations in their dining room (2 rooms smoking and non smoking rooms with capacity for 200 people), elegant and welcoming, we find the best meat, fish and seafood of the highest quality and always the day, homemade desserts many of them unique to your home. Celestina always run in the kitchen, Pepe doing public relations, when the cooking time and leaves the room taking in July with the best of smiles and great professionalism, made a perfect triumvirate that nobody leaves disappointed.

SPECIALTIES: All types of seafood, albacore, hake O Parrulo, baked scallops, turbot in Galicia, , salmagundi of lubrigante, clams or crayfish to the plate, in addition to seasonal dishes such as hunting, glass eels or lamprey and the best meat.

BODEGA: Extensive wine cellar with over 20,000 bottles of different wines, all with a designation of origin.

DESSERTS: Desserts own: caramel cheese cake, curd with honey, rice pudding, Freixos, and apple and cheese tart.

HOURS: From 10:30 to 18:00 and 20:30 to 24:00

Credit cards: All
Private parking
Closed Sunday and Wednesday night. Holidays the first 3 weeks of August and one week in January