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Carmen, 1
   Coordenadas GPS:   lat N 43.48319 / long O 8.23025
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The Tavern of Canton gathers the time-honoured custom of the former ones you crunch or taverns where one was having lunch very well and was drunk better, continue this spirit but in a different environment: a diaphanous, current, opened, luminous space harmonic and cozy, where the good one to eat and the good one to drink they are good thanks to playing the role of professional experts of the cuisine who obtain flavors in which there is mixed the best of the traditional plates and the new Galician cuisine, and where the products of the land and of the sea obtain his brilliance. And all that accompanied of a selection of the best wines in his excellent warehouse, in which one affects specially in the innovations.

The Tavern of the Canton locate, in addition, in Ferrol full historical hull, in one of the most emblematic places of the city, Molíns Canton, The one that was as far back as the 18th century the first public avenue of Galicia,, a walk between gardens and centenary trees that invites to the delayed walk and where to rest after the exquisite delicacies tasted in the Tavern.