Castillo de San Felipe
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Today in Ferrol

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At the entrance of Ferrol creek there are two castles, San Felipe and A Palma, located in the two opposite banks. Formerly they were united by a big chain was used as a protection for the city.

San Felipe`s castle is located in the council of Ferrol, specificaly in Brion. It is located in a splendid natural conditions skirting the creek and keeping it opposite of A Palma´s castle.

The origin of San Felipe`s fortification goes back to 1577 in full fight among the European countries for the maritim power. Ferrol as a strategic point for the replenished of the Royal Army ships, needed an efficient defensive system due to great aspirations of the French and English admirals, so in 1589 the king Felipe II orders to build the rampart.

In Mugardos you can find A Palma`s castle, in the southern bank of Ferrol`s creek.The castle started to being built in 1597 and was finished in 1869.

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